CBTA LogoThe Calaveras Big Trees Association was created in 1974 to provide support for the interpretive and environmental education programs at Calaveras Big Trees State Parks. Since it's creation in 1974, CBTA has taken on many projects, including construction of the present Visitor Center, building a permanent footbridge at Beaver Creek, sponsoring many interpretive programs such as the Big Trees Adventure Summer School and the Family Day Festival, and providing interpretive sales items to Park visitors.

Currently, the association's main focus is gaining approval and funding for the construction of a new interpretive center at the Park. Another major project being implemented by the association is the Thematic Unit Project. Through class visits, teaching materials left at the school, and field trips to Big Trees, we are providing extended learning about the Park to 2nd-5th grade students in Calaveras County.

Calaveras Big Trees Association is a valuable ally to parks, the visitors and the staff at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Join them by becoming a member! For more information about the association and the its many activities, or to become a supporter, please visit the Calaveras Big Trees Association website.

Calaveras Big Trees Association
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TEL 209-795-3840