SWIA LogoThe Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association (SWIA), founded in 1979, is dedicated to the interpretation, preservation, restoration and acquisition of wetlands in southern California. SWIA works in collaborative partnerships with federal, state and local agencies. Accomplishments include the preservation of critical wetland habitat through the acquisition of key land parcels to form the U. S. Fish & Wildlife’s Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge and the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve (which includes Borderfield State Park). Additionally, SWIA funded an award winning visitor center along with numerous interpretive exhibits, restorations projects, and a native plant garden.

Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association has proven itself to be a valuable ally to the parks, visitors and staff at the Tijuana River Natural Estuarine Reserve. Join them by becoming a member!

Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association
925 Seacoast Blvd.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
TEL 619-575-0550 / FAX 619-423-8488