CLSPIA LogoThe Clear Lake State Park Interpretive Association (CLSPIA), formed in 1983, supports the interpretive activities at Clear Lake State Park. In supporting this mission, the association promotes and sponsors numerous programs and events, and produces numerous materials including books, maps, pamphlets, and AV materials for park visitors and the surrounding community. 

The CLSPIA sees public education as a top priority, and keeps a Visitor Center full of interpretive materials.  CLSPIA also supports the Park's school visit program, and acquires objects to help interpret the cultural and natural history of the area.  Promoting environmental awareness is yet another goal of CLSPIA.

For more information about the Clear Lake State Park Interpetive Association or to become a member, please contact the association.

Clear Lake State Park Interpretive Association
5300 Soda Bay Road
Kelseyville, CA 95451
TEL 707-279-2267