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Updated 3/20/2020: In an effort to protect public health and the safety of visitors, volunteers and staff as the state responds to the continued threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus), California State Parks is postponing the Junior Lifeguard Program registration for summer programs until May and will reevaluate at that time. Participants who have already enrolled will not be dropped. If you have questions please reach out to the specific program for assistance.

The department is monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully and is committed to following the state’s efforts to help slow the spread of the pandemic disease.
We also remind everyone to practice social distancing and maintain at least six feet between other visitors and anyone who is coughing and sneezing.

Lake Tahoe Junior Lifeguards

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Junior Lifeguard Program Information
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The North Lake Tahoe Junior Lifeguard program is a 2 week, introduction course designed to educate young individuals (ages 8-15) about aquatic safety and provide high quality outdoor recreation. Your JG will receive a well-rounded education that promotes teamwork, safety, and leadership as well as a heightened sense of awareness and knowledge about the alpine lakes environment. The program runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Kings Beach State Recreation Area. Email: for more information.

Session 1 & 2: Registration closed
Session 3: July 22 – August 2
Session 4: August 5 – 16

** Registration is open for sessions 3 and 4 online at: ** Past participants do not have to try out again. New participants please arrive an hour early to the first day of session 3 or 4 prepared to demonstrate your proficiency in swimming a 100 yard freestyle swim, a 10 yard submerged swim and 5 minute water tread.

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The Junior Lifeguard program’s goal is to educate the community’s youth about aquatic safety and high quality outdoor recreation. Through extensive aquatic interaction, exploration, and recreation, the Junior Guards gain a well-rounded education that can be utilized on and off the beach. After two weeks of training each Junior Guard will have a heightened awareness and knowledge of the lake and its dangerous, yet wonderful, environment.

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Program Requirements

  1. Must be a registered and paid participant.

  2. Must successfully complete State Park Junior Lifeguard swim requirement.(See TRYOUT INFORMATION link)

  3. Purchase and wear all required Junior Lifeguard Uniform items while in session. (See JG UNIFORMS link)

  4. Attend entire JG session. Resource CALENDAR link and PROGRAM INFORMATION for more details. *Absent days for emergencies only*

  5. By the end of the session, prove competency in performing all instructed JG skills to the best of one's ability in Tahoe Tough Guard competition.

  6. Have a blast while being a North Tahoe Junior Lifeguard!