California Code of Regulations - Excerpts

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4302. Use of Facilities, Payment.

No person shall use or be present in any portion of a unit under control of the Department of Parks and Recreation for which a use fee has been established by the Department, without paying such fee. The shall not apply to state officers and employees on official business nor to persons excepted by the Department for administrative reasons.

4305. Animals.
(a) Protection.  No person shall molest, hunt, disturb, harm, feed, touch, tease, or spotlight any kind of animal or fish, or so attempt.
(b) No person shall injure, trap, take, net, poison, or kill, any kind of animal or fish, or so attempt, except that fish and bait may be taken, other than for commercial purposes in accordance with state laws and regulations.
(c) Where hunting in a state recreation area or within the State Vehicular Recreation Area and Trail System or portion thereof is permitted by regulations herein, so much of this section as is inconsistent therewith shall be deemed inapplicable, provided hunting is conducted in the manner specified.
(d) This section does not apply to activities undertaken by the Department in conjunction with its resource management activities.
(e) Feeding.  In units or portions thereof where posted in accordance with Section 4301(i), no person shall feed any wildlife or feral animal listed on such posting.

4306. Plants and Driftwood.
No person shall willfully or negligently pick, dig up, cut, mutilate, destroy, injure, disturb, move, molest, burn, or carry away any tree or plant or portion thereof, including but not limited to leaf mold, flowers, foliage, berries, fruit, grass, turf, humas, shrubs, cones, and dead wood, except in specific units when authorization by the District Superintendent or Deputy Director of Off-Highway Motor Vehicles to take berries, or gather mushrooms, or gather pine cones, or collect driftwood is posted at the headquarters of the unit to which the authorization applies.

4307. Geological Features.
No person shall destroy, disturb, mutilate, or remove earth, sand, gravel, oil, minerals, rocks, paleontological features, or features of caves except rockhounding may be permitted as defined and delineated in Sections 4610 through 4610.10.

4308. Archaeological Features.
No person shall remove, injure, disfigure, deface, or destroy any object of archaeological, or historical interest or value.

4310. Litter.
No person shall leave, deposit, drop, or scatter bottles, broken glass, ashes, waste paper, cans or other litter in a unit except in a receptacle designated for that purpose, and no person shall import any litter, or import and deposit any litter into or in any unit from other places.

4311. Fire in Stoves, Smoking.
No person shall light, build, use, or maintain a fire within a unit except in a camp stove or fireplace provided, maintained, or designated for such purpose, unless by authority of the Department. Portable camp stoves may be used in portions of units approved by the Department. Upon a finding of extreme fire hazard by the Department no person shall smoke or build fires in portions of units other than those designated by the Department for such purposes.

4312.  Control of Animals.
(a) No person shall permit a dog to run loose, or turn loose any animal in any portion of a unit, except upon written authorization by the District Superintendent.
(b) No person shall keep an animal in any unit except under his/her immediate control.
(c) No person shall keep a noisy, vicious, or dangerous dog or animal or one which is disturbing to other persons, in any unit and remain therein after he/she has been asked by a peace officer to leave.
(d) No person shall permit a dog or a cat to remain outside a tent, camper, or enclosed vehicle during the night.
(e) No person shall bring a dog into, permit a dog to enter or remain, or possess a dog in units under control of Department of Parks and Recreation unless the dog is on leash of no more than six feet in length and under the immediate control of a person or confined in a vehicle.
(f) No person shall bring a dog into, permit a dog to enter or remain, or possess a dog:
1) beyond the limits of campgrounds, picnic areas, parking areas, roads, structures or in posted portions of units except as provided elsewhere in this section.
2) on any beach adjacent to any body of water in any unit except in portions of units designated for dogs.
(g) In state recreation areas open to hunting pursuant to Public Resources Code, Section 5003.1, dogs may be used to assist in hunting.  Such dogs shall not be permitted to pursue or take any wildlife other than that being hunted.
(h) Subsections (e) and (f) shall not apply to trained “seeing eye,” “signal,” or “service” dogs used to guide a physically impaired person there present, or dogs that are being trained to become “seeing eye,” “signal,” or “service” dogs.
(g) Grazing.  No person shall graze, herd or permit livestock to enter or remain inside a unit without specific written authorization of the Department, except for grazing by animals used for riding or packing under direct control of visitors or concessionaires.

4313. Weapons and Traps.
(a) No person shall carry, possess or discharge across, in or into any portion of any unit any weapon, firearm, spear, bow and arrow, trap, net, or device capable of injuring, or killing any person or animal, or capturing any animal, or damaging any public or private property, except in underwater parks or designated archery ranges where the Department of Parks and Recreation finds that it is in its best interests.
(b) Nothing herein contained shall be construed in derogation of the use of weapons permitted by law or regulation and to be used for hunting in any unit, or portion thereof, open to hunting.
(c) Firearms not having a cartridge in any portion of the mechanism, other unloaded weapons or devices such as traps, nets, and bows and arrows may be possessed within temporary lodging or mechanical mode of conveyance when such implements are rendered temporarily inoperable or are packed, cased, or stored in a manner that will prevent their ready use.

4314. Fireworks.
(a) No person shall possess, discharge, set off, or cause to be discharged, in or into any portion of a unit any firecrackers, torpedoes, rockets, fireworks, explosives, or substances harmful to the life or safety of persons.
(b) The Department may grant exceptions to this section for specified locations and periods of time upon finding that such activity will not endanger persons, property, or resources.
(c) This section does not apply to explosives lawfully possessed or used under the direction of the Department.
Note: Authority cited: Section 5003, Public Resources Code. Reference: Section 5008, Public Resources Code.

4319. Games and Recreational Activities.
No Person shall engage in games or recreational activities that endanger the safety of person, property, resources or interfere with visitor activities except as permitted by the Department.

4320. Peace and Quiet.
To insure peace and adequate rest for visitors, no person shall so conduct himself that he disturbs others in sleeping quarters or in campgrounds between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. daily. No person shall, at any time, use outside electronic equipment including electrical speakers, radios, phonographs, television, or other machinery, at a volume which emits sound beyond the immediate individual camp or picnic site without specific permission of the Department. Engine driven electric generators which emit sound beyond the limits of a camp or picnic site may be operated only between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

4322. Nudity.
No person shall appear nude while in any unit except in authorized areas set aside for that purpose by the Department. The word nude as used herein means unclothed or in such a state of undress as to expose any part of portion of the pubic or anal region or genitalia of any person or any portion of the breast at or below the areola thereof of any female person.

4324. Sanitation.
(a) No person shall deposit waste, water, sewage or effluent from sinks, portable toilets, or other plumbing fixtures directly upon or into the surface of the ground of water.
(b) No person shall deposit any body waste in or on any portion of any comfort station or other structure except into fixtures provided for that purpose.
(c) No person shall place any bottle, can, cloth, rag, metal, wood, paper, or stone substances in any plumbing fixture in such a manner as would interfere with the normal operation of such fixture. 

4326. Posted Order.
No person shall violate any provision of an order posted pursuant to the provisions of Section 4301(i) thereof.

4331. Soliciting.
No person shall solicit, sell, hawk, or peddle any goods, ware, merchandise, services, liquids, or edibles for human consumption or distribute circulars in any unit, except by permit granted by the Department.