If you are looking interested in scheduling a Ride-Along with a State Park Peace Officer, please email Recruiting@parks.ca.gov.  NOTE: Be sure to review the Cadet information page (www.parks.ca.gov/cadet) and FAQ page to find answers to common questions before asking questions on the Recruiting email.

For information on careers in some of the other challenging classifications within State Parks, please contact one of the following individuals:


Name: Beverly Brockington
Classification: Guide I, Historical Monument
District/Sector: Hearst Castle
Email: Beverly.Brockington@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 805-927-2085

Name: Daniel Williford
Classification: State Park Interpreter I
District/Sector: Monterey Sector
Email: Daniel.Williford@parks.ca.gov
Phone: (831) 537-7902

Name:Patricia Clark-Gray
Classification: Regional Interpretive Specialist
District/Sector: Monterey District
Email: Patricia.ClarkGray@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 831-649-2855


Name: Angel Alba
Classification: Park Maintenance Worker II
District/Sector: Malibu Sector
Email: Angel.Alba@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 818-880-0369

Name: Felipe Jauregui
Classification: Park Maintenance Chief III
District/Sector: Santa Cruz Mountains
Email: Felipe.Jauregui@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 831-335-6380

Name: Evangelina Cervantes
Classification: Park Maintenance Assistant
District/Sector: San Diego Historic
Email: Evangelina.Cervantes@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 619-293-7830

Name: Jodi Whelchel
Classification: Park Maintenance Supervisor
District/Sector: San Diego Coast
Email: Jodi.Whelchel@parks.ca.gov
Phone: (619) 718-7866


Name: Lisa Zamecki
Classification: Staff Services Analyst (General)
District/Sector: San Andreas District
Email: Lisa.Zamecki@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 661-248-6651

Name: Adrien Contreras
Classification: Staff Services Manager II
District/Sector: San Andreas District
Email: Adrien.Contreras@parks.ca.gov
Phone: 916-651-7858