The Boggs Collection:
One Hundred Years of California Art

Shasta Butte from the Sacramento River Canyon by Charles Joseph HittellPaintings offer insight that goes beyond any particular artist’s technique. They provide images that document a period in time and give researchers and other viewers information that may otherwise be unavailable. Historical paintings tell a vivid story.

Shasta State Historic Park is fortunate to have on display a collection of paintings depicting the time between 1850 and 1950. The donor of this collection is Mae Helene Bacon Boggs. Her interest in California began in 1871, when at the age of eight, she arrived in Shasta from Missouri. She was cared for in Shasta by her uncle, Williamson Lyncoya Smith, who was the division agent for the California Stage Company from 1853 to 1888. At Mrs. Boggs’ request, the gallery is maintained in his honor. 

Mrs. Boggs not only played a primary role in preserving land donated to the state to become Shasta State Historic Park, but she also dedicated time to various arts and history organizations throughout her life.