Later-day pioneers discovered other kinds of gold in California - including "green gold" in California's fertile farmlands and "black gold" in California's oil fields.

Anderson Marsh SHP (hay, wheat, barley)

Andrew Molera SP (Molera Ranch)

Angel Island SP (serpentine and sandstone quarries)

Annadel SP (perlite mine, basalt stone quarried for street pavers and buildings, rhyolite quarried for flagstones)

Año Nuevo SR (lumber wharf)

Anza-Borrego Desert SP (garnet mine, calcite mine, San Antonio-San Diego Mail Route, also known as the "Jackass Route"--1857 Butterfield Overland Stage--1858-1861)

Armb Redwoods SP (quicksilver mine?)

Auburn SRA (Butcher Ranch--1858 farming settlement, limestone quarry, Mountain Quarry railroad bridge)

Bidwell Mansion SHP (Rancho Chico orchards and vineyards had 400 varieties of fruit)

Big Basin Redwoods SP (by 1884, 28 sawmills in Big Basin-San Lorenzo Valley region)

Bodie SHP (gold found in 1859 by William S. Bodey; Bodie Bluff Consolidated Mining Co., Empire Co., Standard Mining Company powerhouse completed in 1894 sending electricity 13 miles from Green Creek to Bodie)

Bothe-Napa Valley SP (farming--plums, apples)

Burton Creek SP (slate quarry)

Butano SP (lumbering)

Calaveras Big Trees SP (lumbering)

California Citrus SHP (citrus groves)

California State Railroad Museum (railroads)

Carmel River SB (Odello Farm complex)

Carnegie SVRA (mining)

Caspar SB (lumbering)

Castle Crags SP (mining for gold, mercury, chromite, lumbering)

Castle Rock SP (farming, lumbering)

China Camp SP (basalt quarried at San Pedro Point)

Clay Pit SVRA (quarry)

Columbia SHP (1857--marble quarry, shingle and sash mill)

Cuyamaca Rancho SP (gold discovered 1870; Stonewall Mine; lumbering)

D.L. Bliss SP (D.L. Bliss logged much of the west shore of Lake Tahoe by 1890)

Donner Memorial SP (lumbering; Dutch Flat and Donner Lake Wagon Road)

Empire Mine SHP (hardrock gold mining; Empire Mine, Orleans Mine, Prescot Mine, Conlin Mine)

Folsom Lake SRA (Folsom Water and Power Company built dam for booming, floating and rafting logs, timber, and lumber; quarry; J.W. Smyth's orchard, vineyard; Townsend Ranch; El Dorado Orchard Ranch; Benjamin N. Bugbey Ranch--grapes, peaches; Red Bank Winery)

The Forest of Nicene Marks SP (Loma Prieta Lumber Company, Molino Timber Company)

Fort Ross SHP (farming, lumbering)

Fort Tejon SHP (station for the Overland Mail Co. and the Butterfield stage line)

Greenwood SB (lumbering in the area in 1860s; tanbark shipped from port; farming)

Harry A. Merlo SRA (Hammond Lumber Company)

Hearst San Simeon SHM (George Hearst, a very successful miner and mine developer, purchased the Piedra Blanca Rancho and San Simeon Rancho; cattle ranching)

Henry Cowell Redwoods SP (lumbering)

Henry W. Coe SP (quicksilver mining, cattle ranching, orchards)

Hollister Hills SVRA (walnut orchards)

Humboldt Lagoons SP (farming, 1874--Stone Lagoon Mining Company)

Humboldt Redwoods SP (farming, quarry)

Indian Grinding Rock SHP (farming, orchard)

Jack London SHP (farming, quarry)

John Marsh Home (ranching)

Jug Handle SR (Tregoning Farm, lumbering)

Kruse Rhododendron SP (lumbering)

La Purisima Mission SHP (orchards, crops)

Lake Oroville SRA (1856 Bidwell Bar tollhouse and bridge; mother orange tree of Butte County)

Lake Perris SRA (potato farms, dry land farming)

Lake Valley SRA (lumbering)

Leo Carrillo SB (Nicholas Flat, fruit, grain)

Los Encinos SHP (farming)

Mackerricher SP (Lake Valley Lumber Company)

Malibu Creek SP (ranching)

Marshall Gold Discovery SHP (orchards, vineyards)

Mendocino Headlands SP (lumbering)

Millerton Lake SRA (Peterson Mine, Patterson Mine)

Montaña de Oro SP (farming, dairy)

Morro Bay SP (Morro Rock quarry, quarry at Bautista Ranch)

Mount Diablo SP (quicksilver, copper, silver, coal mining)

Mount Tamalpais SP (gold mine)

Navarro River Redwoods SP (lumbering)

Olompali SHP (oldest English walnut orchard in California; stones quarried for San Francisco streets)

Palomar Mountain SP (orchards)

Patrick's Point SP (sheep, dairy)

Petaluma Adobe SHP (farming, dairy)

Pfeiffer Big Sur SP (sawmill)

Picacho SRA (hardrock mining developed in the 1880s; Dorsey Stamp Mill; Jayne Stamp Mill)

Pio Pico SHP (orchards)

Plumas-Eureka SP (Plumas-Eureka Mine, Mohawk Stamp Mill, Sierra Buttes Mining Co., Johnsville established in 1872; Eureka Mills founded in 1873)

Point Lobos SR (San Carlos Gold-Silver Mining Company, sand and gravel quarry, granite quarry, low grade coal, lumbering, farming)

Portola Redwoods SP (Page Mill)

Prairie City SVRA (Natoma Water and Mining Co., quartz mill)

Providence Mountains SRA (silver discovered after Civil War)

Red Rock Canyon SP (1860s mining claims; canyon provided all-important water and good passage through the El Paso Mountains during the "Gold Rush of the 1890s; 51 claims)

Robert Louis Stevenson SP (Silverado Mine)

Russian Gulch SP (Albion Lumber Company, farming)

Salt Point SP (quarry)

Salton Sea SRA (New Liverpool Salt Company)

Samuel P. Taylor SP (lumber business, paper mill, powder mill)

San Luis Reservoir SRA (quarry, cattle ranching)

San Onofre SB (farming)

San Simeon SP (George Hearst, a very successful miner and mine developer, purchased the Piedra Blanca Rancho and San Simeon Rancho; cattle ranching, sand, coal)

Santa Susana Mountains (sandstone quarry, 1880s-early 1900s--stone used to construct Los Angeles harbor breakwater and in the construction of buildings in Los Angeles)

Silverwood Lake SRA (large quarry)

Sinkyone Wilderness SP (Usal Lumber Company, Michigan Trust Company, farming)

Sonoma Coast SB (Duncan's Landing--lumbering)

Sonoma SHP (Lachryma Montis orchards, vineyards, winery)

South Yuba River SP (Bridgeport Covered Bridge built in 1862 by David I. Wood)

Sunset SB (farming)

Turlock Lake SRA (wheat farming, La Grange Dredging Company formed in 1905)

Wilder Ranch SP (dairying, farming, cattle ranching)