The beauty of Folsom Lake with its beaches, trails and open space beckons the adventurer and outdoorsman in all of us. On any given spring or summer day thousands of visitors can be found engaging in activities such as picnicking, swimming, hiking, water-skiing, jet skiing, fishing, sunbathing, windsurfing, and many more. The staff of Folsom Lake encourages all park visitors to enjoy safe fun and wholesome family recreation, but we would also like to caution all park users to the potential dangers inherent in water recreation.

Over the past ten years there have been fatalities at Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma. Many fatalities were the result of drowning in areas where lifeguard services were not provided. In many cases death could have been prevented if the victim would have used better judgement and followed basic water safety rules. Use caution and care while in and on the water. We hope your visit will be pleasant, enjoyable and safe.

Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma have an extensive water safety rules covering watercraft speeds, radio and remote controlled model boat use, swimming regulations, use of floatation and towable inflatable devices, skimboarding, and powerchuting.

The following are rules and suggestions for you to keep in mind during your visit:

Swim at designated beaches only, and if available, swim where a lifeguard is on duty.

Always wear a life jacket or other flotation device when working around water or participating in water activities.

Never swim alone.

Never mix water activities/recreation with the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs or other mind-altering substances.

Do not swim when overtired, overheated, or immediately after eating.

Do not swim in unfamiliar areas which may harbor unknown dangerous currents, deep holes, debris or other hazards.

Do not overestimate your ability to swim.

Diving/jumping is illegal in a state park (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, 4656). Diving/jumping in unfamiliar water is extremely hazardous.

Respect the rights of others to enjoy the water - other boaters, swimmers, fishermen, etc.