Sue-meg is full of short, rewarding walks. Whether you’re into rocks, plants, animals, beaches, or big views you’ll find plenty to see. Most campsites are fairly private and are tucked away in the spruce forest. You can take a guided nature walk or attend a campfire talk or Junior Ranger program in the summer. Swimming and boating are not recommended here; the ocean current is very strong.  

If you have an hour, drive out Wedding Rock Road to make the short steep climb up to Wedding Rock or explore North Coast Native American history at Sumêg Village. 

If you have half a day, walk the spectacular outer perimeter of the park on the 2-mile-long Rim Trail. Start at Palmer’s Point and end at Agate Beach. As time allows, explore some of the steep, intriguing spur trails leading to the edge of the water.  At low tide, check out the world-class tide pools at Palmer’s Point.

If you have a full day, explore Sumêg Village, the native plant garden, the Visitor Center, and Ceremonial Rock or Lookout Rock in the morning. Spend the rest of the day on the Rim Trail and its outward spurs.