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Junior Rangers

If you are 7-12 years old, these programs are for you! Many of your state parks have in-person programs for kids. Be sure to check with the park you will be visiting to find out their Junior Ranger program schedule.

If you cannot visit a park in person, you can still enjoy some Junior Ranger programs from your computer at home or on a smartphone in Spanish and English.

The links below will take you to some of the Junior Ranger program webpages:

  • Jr Ranger ProgramJunior Rangers
  • Virtual Junior Rangers: Watch a variety of virtual Junior Ranger programs sessions on our YouTube channel.
  • Bilingual Virtual Junior Rangers
  • Parks with In-Person Junior Ranger Programs: This is a list of parks with in-person programs. Be sure to check with the park before visiting to find out its program schedule. (Because of COVID-19 safety rules, some parks may not be presenting in-person Junior Ranger programs at this time.)
  • "Junior Ranger Adventure Guide" in English and Spanish: These are activity books you can print out and work on at home.
  • Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) parks kids’ programs:
    • Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA): This park has an activity guide about safety and coloring activities sheets on animals and OHV vehicles.
    • Oceano Dunes SVRAThis park has several education programs and resources, including an “Adventure Guide,” augmented reality coloring sheets, interpretive programs and more.
    • Prairie City SVRA: This park has great safety classes for all ages so you can learn to ride better and safer. There are also podcasts you can listen to so you can learn more about this park, including the birds and mammals who live there.
    • Hollister Hills SVRA: This park has a Junior Ranger scavenger hunt activity you can do. There is also a nature trail you can explore.

Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students

Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS) has a lot of fun video programs to watch, where you can learn about many parks in California. You can go on virtual field trips to all kinds of places—from a beach to a desert, to a forest to tide pools—and you can learn about railroads, the Gold Rush, and much more.

  • PORTS Home Learning Programs: Discover a variety of scheduled programs on many different subjects related to parks.
  • PORTS YouTube Channel: Explore video programs posted on the PORTS YouTube channel and discover lots of fun and interesting things about parks.
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab: The PORTS team worked with the Smithsonian Institute and made a great collection of programs that help you explore and learn about some of the parks in new ways. Check them out!


360° Apps:

Virtually explore a marine environment with a kelp forest off the coast of Monterey, and travel to the top of some of our tallest trees in a coastal redwood forest.

Other activities for kids

Here are a variety of other fun things you can do in state parks:

  • Agents of Discovery: This is a free, place-based augmented reality app for your mobile device. The app provides lots of fun adventures that can easily be played by families or individuals. The app helps you learn about the park and discover some of its unique resources. Download the app to search for challenges in parks and to complete missions.
  • Discover Marine Protected Areas Activity Book: Download this activity book to learn more about areas on our coast, the unique marine life that lives in the coastal waters, and why it is important for all of us to protect these areas.
  • Exploring Nature in Your Neighborhood: Fun ideas for ways you can explore your own neighborhood or a local park or any other park.
  • Junior Lifeguards: If you like to swim and spend time in water, this program may be for you. It will help you learn more about being safe in the water and teach you what it takes to become a lifeguard. There are Junior Lifeguard programs at some lake parks, as well as ocean beach parks.
  • Online Adventures: This webpage offers a variety of activity pages you can download and print out.
  • Park Campfire Programs: Many parks have campfire centers near their campgrounds, where park staff give campfire programs in the evenings during the summer. Check with the park you plan to visit if they have evening programs.
  • Quiver Pages: These fun coloring pages work with a special app on your mobile device to give you an augmented reality version of the image you color. Download the app on your mobile device, and your coloring sheet becomes 3D; you can watch it move and use the interactive items to learn more fun information.
  • Redwood EdVenture Quests: Learn about redwood forests as you go on an adventure to explore them and find answers to questions in the quests.