Colorado House

Colorado house

The Colorado House was a hotel constructed and operated by Cave Johnson Couts, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Dragoons. Controversy surrounded the hotel's construction and opening; it was rumored that Couts obtained the property illegally. Construction was completed in 1851, and the two-story hotel had a first-floor veranda and square-shaped false front. Additionally, the hotel boasted a "spacious and airy dining saloon" and billiard table.

In 1851, he married Ysidora Bandini, the daughter of his friend, Juan Bandini. Among the wedding gifts was a title to over 2,200 acres of property near San Luis Rey, where Couts built his family residence. Couts lost interest in the Colorado House due to preoccupation with his rancho, and leased the hotel in 1854.

Over the next 12 years, the building was renovated to provide office space for the San Diego Herald, a surgeon, jeweler, hairdresser, and other businesses. Couts sold the property to Joseph Mannasse and Marcus Schiller in 1866, and the building burned in the 1872 fire on San Diego Avenue.

California State Parks reconstructed the building in 1992, and it is now operated by Wells Fargo as a stage stop and telegraph office.

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