The following lists are not intended to be exhaustive.  California State Parks is not responsible for content found on non-California State Parks sites.

California State Parks, Office of Grants and Local Services, Habitat Conservation Fund. State agency. $2 million available annually to fund projects in 7 catagories, including outdoor program projects designed to bring urban residents into wildlife areas. Eligible applicants include cities, counties, and local districts.

EE Link. Professional Association (NAAEE) Newsletter. Provides information on environmental education grants and jobs. Links to over 5,400 EE internet sites around the world.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Environmental Education Portal. Federal agency. Provides links to grant opportunities, educator and researcher resources, and general information about environmental education.

Washington State Parks, No Child Left Inside.  State agency. Provides information on grant program for Washington state outdoor education and recreation youth programs geared towards getting children outside to learn about and enjoy nature.

Environmental Education Association of Illinois. Professional association and communication network for Illinois conservationists, environmentalists and environmental educators. Provides information on professional development, mini-grants and resources for educators, including annual conference. with Kids Store.  Non-profit organization and affiliated store.  Non-profit site offers resources for teachers and parents, including information on grants.  Links to store site.