The following lists are not intended to be exhaustive.  California State Parks is not responsible for content found on non-California State Parks sites.

Sharing Nature Foundation. Educational organization.  Provides information on programs for adult leaders, books and resources, Flow Learning™, and Sharing Nature Worldwide activities.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Children in Nature. Federal agency. Information for parents and teachers.  Activities for kids.

Children Nature and You  Non-profit organization. This site was "designed to offer you the knowledge, tools, motivation and pasion that will enable you to give the children you influence the awe and wonder that only the natural world can inspire." Site offers free materials, resouces and curricula to help you connect children to nature., helping young minds grow.  Non-profit organization.Offers resources for teachers and parents, including information on grants.  Site provides link to affiliated store.

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Leave No Child Inside.  State initiative. Provides information about recreational resources and outdoor activities available in Connecticut's state parks, forests and waterways.