Archaeological Testing at Frank Milner’s Barbershop
Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park

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The current building program at Colonel Allensworth SHP includes the reconstruction of Frank Milner's barbershop. The structure was important both for the town’s history and as an example of its architectural diversity. The barbershop was the only concrete block structure in Allensworth. Over time, it had been completely dismantled, with only the concrete foundation walls remaining.

Archeological testing was conducted to expose the foundation, as well as two interior walls and the remains of a storage cellar. Shallow units, one at the southeast corner and one at the southwest, showed the depth of the foundation. Two deeper units in the northeast quadrant established the location of the cellar. Trenches, one east-west and one north-south, revealed the interior walls.

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Site of Milner's barbershop     Archeological Project Lead Bruce Steidle (in trench) and State Interpreter II Terri Lopez (taking measurements) obtaining measurements of interior wall.     Archeological Project Lead Bruce Steidle excavating trench two.

Exposed west foundation wall of Milner's barbershop.   Eastern portion of the interior wall of trench one.   Unit two storage cellar area.   Unit one showing difference in width size of the north-south and east-west foundation walls.

Various elevations of reconstruction of Milner's barbershop.          Archaeology Plan

The archeological work at Milner’s barbershop was planned to include public demonstration and participation. Testing was ongoing during the Annual Rededication of the park in October 2001. An information board was set up in front of the site, and the crew took turns explaining the methods, purpose, and results of the testing. Back dirt, from which diagnostic material had been removed, was piled near the site, and visitors of all ages were invited to screen. Crewmembers helped to identify the finds and stressed saving them according to site area. Public response was overwhelmingly positive.

Archeological Project Lead Bruce Steidle demonstrating screening.     State Interpreter II Terri Lopez checks a screen with visitors.     Project Manager Steve Newsom helping park visitors.

Artifacts recovered from the Milner barbershop site include:



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