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School and Group Information

Group Reservations and School Field Trips

 DAY USE RESERVATIONS FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2017 will be dealt with by the Park directly, please click on the following link (here) to make a reservation to visit Marshall Gold Discovery SHP. We will be in contacrt with you are quickly as possible after recieving your request. Thank you for your patience as State Parks transitions to a new reservation system.

The historical and natural resources of State Parks are for all people to appreciate and enjoy. More than 300,000 people visit Coloma each year, and they subject the park's resources to intensive use.  To protect the park's resources for future generations, and to ensure a quality educational experience for all of our visitors, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park has a daily specific limited carrying capacity. Reservations are necessary to guarantee space. Please take time to teach your students the importance of protecting the park's fragile resources and preserving them for future generations.


The following guidelines are of special importance:

• In order to guarantee access to the park, groups of more than 10 people need to have a confirmed reservation. Please give your printed reservation confirmation sheet to park staff when you arrive in Coloma. Groups without reservations may be turned away if they arrive at the park when it is at  capacity. (CCR 4326)

• All students should wear a name tag identifying their school or tour company's name.

• The suggested ratio of chaperones is one adult for every ten students.

• With confirmed reservations, the park waives day-use fees for public and private school groups, K – 12. (Commercial companies bringing school groups pay a commercial park use fee.)

• Arrange for your field trip well in advance. If possible, consider your trip for the fall because of heavy school use in the spring. School and general group reservations for the following calendar year are accepted, December 1st, seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. April through June's availability fills soon after reservations open in the previous December. You may make reservations as late as 24 hours in advance, when space is available. Commercial companies book a separate inventory and start on December 1st for the following year.

• For questions about your reservation, the park or our daily interpretive programs please view this Web site at, or call (530) 622-3069 to speak to a park staff person during museum operating hours.

Junior Ranger Program

We now have a Junior Ranger Program that is available for school groups. If you are a teacher and would like to participate please click on the link below which will take you to our Gold Discovery Park Association's website where you can download and print off a copy of the booklet. You can either use it just in the classroom or you can print them off for your class to bring on their visit to the park. For further questions on the Junior Ranger Program please contact Susan Okey at or (530) 622-3069.

School and Group Lunches

Group lunches are offered at the Argonaut park concessionaire by reservation only. 

The Argonaut
331 Highway 49
PO Box 403
Coloma, Ca  95613
Daniella Faieta
530-621-2267 x304

Bus Information

•   The bus drop off area is located near to the museum on Back St. This drop off area is a loading zone only! All buses will need to park in the North Beach parking lot. This loading zone can also be used for student pick up when leaving the park. Upon arrival, please bring your reservation confirmation and check in with the park museum. Schedules for orientations and programs are carefully planned. Being more than one hour late without prior notification may seriously inconvenience your group, and access may be denied, if the park is at capacity.

• All buses must park in the North Beach parking lot. There is a Loading Zone near the museum located on Back St. This area can be used for student drop off on arrival and pick up when leaving. Please see our park map for location.

• To cancel a reservation: Please call ReserveCalifornia 866-240-4655  as soon as possible to make space available for other groups and students. If you must cancel a reservation on your day of visit, or arrive more than one hour late, please call the park at (530) 622-3470. Failure to cancel reservations may affect your ability to make future reservations.

Bus Unloading Area

Bus Unloading

Park Rules

All students should wear a name tag identifying their school or tour company's name.

•The Gold Discovery Museum is also visited by people not on a field trip. Please be respectful.  Inside students must use quiet voices, to hear the sounds and story of the gold rush's impact on people.  Do not touch exhibits or historic artifacts, unless specifically labeled to do so.

•Do not bring food, (including chewing gum) or drinks into the park's museum or exhibit rooms. Running and horseplay are prohibited inside buildings and near historic structures and exhibits.

• Please teach students to repsect our natural and cultural resources.  Students and groups are not allowed on the Indian Grinding Rock with out an adult leader present.  We prohibit picknicking on the rock.  Please no climbing or playing on our Grinding Rock or other park exhibits,  trees, monuments, wagons,or fences.

• Do not pick flowers, plants or disturb any living thing or wildlife. 

• On trails, everyone must stay on established pathways. Taking short cuts by cutting road or trail switchbacks is dangerous and causes severe soil erosion.  Use caution, poision oak, rattlesnakes, and  mountain lions exist here but are rarely encountered when on trails.

• At all times be sure students pick up all litter and put it in the provided appropriate disposal containers. Trash from the picnic areas should be placed in the dumpsters located at the roadways. Many of the parks garbage cans in the historic core are inside wooden oak barrels.

• Use crosswalks, and be cautious when crossing highway 49! Please walk in a single file line when crossing on Mt. Murphy Road Bridge. This bridge is also a one lane road. When a car approaches please make sure to have everyone bear right to allow vehicles to pass. 

You will receive a reservation confirmation as part of your reservation package. It contains important information. Please bring it with you when you visit, and present it to park staff upon arrival.