Red Rock Canyon State Park Volunteer Program

Volunteers at Red Rock Canyon State Park assist staff with park maintenance projects, habitat restoration projects, and visitor services activities that promote, interpret and preserve the priceless natural and cultural history for which Red Rock Canyon State Park was established.  No prior knowledge or experience necessary, and volunteers of any ability are welcome! Volunteer service is extremely rewarding.

Many volunteer projects and trainings are open to the general public, whereas registered and trained park volunteers may also assist with interpretation and visitor services. 

Public Volunteer Activities

Second Saturday Activities
Monthly maintenance and habitat restoration projects are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month (with occasional exceptions). In months of extreme heat or cold, trainings or indoor projects are scheduled.

Projects that are open to the general public are publicized on our Facebook page, email announcement list, and in the media.

Adults may sign up on site, minors may volunteer when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and organizations or clubs may volunteer as a group with a completed Group Services Agreement (group must maintain their own insurance).

Long-term Volunteers

Parks everywhere rely on registered, long-term volunteers more than ever to provide services that would otherwise be eliminated. Registered volunteers have the same application requirements as employees, including a background check, and may therefore participate in additional activities that are more complex or involve representing the department. To maintain active status, participation of a minimum of once a month in the spring and fall seasons is expected. The dedication or our volunteers is recognized with State Parks passes, volunteer field trips, and more.

Registered volunteers may choose activities and projects according to their interest and ability, including:

Public monthly activities
Registered volunteers may participate in all monthly scheduled activities without completing additional paperwork.

Maintenance & Habitat restoration activities
Activities in remote or sensitive areas of the park are only offered to registered volunteers, such as willow plantings or fence repair. Registered volunteers may also participate in wildlife monitoring projects.

Leading Hikes and School Programs
Guided nature hikes are most frequently led by regular people who just enjoy sharing what they love with others. Many people are interested in leading hikes but don’t feel they’re qualified. Leading hikes is fun and always a fulfilling experience - even if you’re not an expert!

For those that enjoy working with kids, volunteers may be trained to assist with school field trips. Trained volunteers assist staff or seasoned volunteers before leading programs on their own.

Visitor Center Staffing

Outgoing, energetic people are needed for staffing the park Visitor Center, that are interested in learning more about our beautiful park and enhancing the experience of park visitors. The visitor center has very limited open days due to budget limitations, but with the assistance of volunteers, it can be open more often. Staffing the visitor center is an extremely rewarding experience for both you and the park visitors who have travelled here from around the world!

Training includes the typical questions people ask park staff, the natural and cultural history of Red Rock Canyon, gift shop operations, park rules, and many other things that will get you highly-qualified and confident behind the counter. You don’t need to be wildlife expert to work at the visitor center- if you know where the nearest grocery store is and you can point to the bathrooms, you’re already ahead of most people that come in! Volunteers will work alongside paid staff during their training. For more the low-key, volunteers are also needed for staffing the entrance kiosk which improves park revenue and attendance data.

Outreach events
Registered volunteers may represent the department at outreach events by staffing informational tables at fairs and festivals, such as the Poppy Festival and Antelope Valley Fair, which includes free admission to the events!

Individual park-related projects
Volunteers with a specific interest may work on individual projects that benefit the park, in coordination with park staff.

How do I register as a long-term volunteer?

There are three steps to register as a volunteer:

1. Submit Application Packet.
Mail your application packet to the Mojave Sector Office at the above address with ALL of the following forms signed and dated where required:
  Volunteer Application
  Visual Media Consent
  Volunteer Services Agreement
  Designated Physician Form: Because State Park volunteers are covered by Workers Comp, we require this form in case you are injured while volunteering. If you prefer to see your personal doctor, your doctor must sign this form stating that they will accept Workers Comp cases. If Workers Comp doctors contracted with California State Parks such as Kaiser Permanente are acceptable, write "None" on the "Physician's Name" line and sign the form.
Seal the following three forms in a separate envelope marked "Confidential", and include in your packet:
  Confidential Information Form
  Health Questionnaire
If you are physically able to perform the duties listed or will only be participating in selected duties you are physically able to perform, mark the box for "I am able to perform all of the essential functions of the job without a need for reasonable accommodation." Contact the volunteer coordinator if you have concerns about the physical requirements of any listed duties and available accommodations.
  Arrest/Conviction Disclosure Statement
Please read the corresponding instruction sheet for information about what convictions to disclose.

2.  Background Check.
The State requires a cleared background check to be done within one year before beginning service. Volunteers are viewed by the public as being in a position of authority and a trustworthy representative of the department, and therefore have the same application requirements as employees. You may have had background checks done before, but your results are confidential and cannot be shared between agencies or even districts of the same department.

After your application forms are confidentially reviewed and approved by our personnel department, you will receive Live Scan electronic fingerprinting information and a request form. California State Parks pays for a portion of the background check. You are only responsible for the rolling fee charged by the facility you choose (usually about $20). It can take just a couple days to over a month for the results to be processed so it is highly recommended that you get it done as soon as you receive the form. Do NOT get a Live Scan done before you have been notified to go ahead.

3. Interview & Training.
As soon as your Live Scan clears, we'll hold a brief interview (in person or by phone) to learn about your interests, talents, and experience, and to get to know you. Before beginning service, you are required to complete the hiring forms and are expected to participate in training sessions as they are offered, to learn about the park's natural and cultural history (you may attend trainings even if you have not yet completed the registration process).

Upon completing volunteer registration, you will receive a training manual with natural and cultural history of the park and volunteer program information.