San Luis Reservoir Lake image

2022 Junior Lifeguards Group Image with Emergency HelicopterThe San Luis Reservoir SRA Junior Lifeguard program’s goal is to educate the community’s youth about aquatic safety and high quality outdoor recreation. Through extensive aquatic interaction, exploration, and recreation, the San Luis Reservoir SRA Junior Guards gain a well-rounded education that can be utilized on and off the beach. After two weeks of training on San Luis Creek South Beach, each Junior Guard will have a heightened awareness and knowledge of San Luis Creek and its dangerous, yet wonderful, environment.

A typical day at San Luis Reservoir SRA Junior Guards starts with stretching and an assessment of the current lake conditions, which prepares them for the day’s events. These events can include run-swim-runs, buoy swims, kayaking, paddleboarding, lectures on topics such as lifeguard skills (rescues and first aid), and shoreline games and activities. These events are designed to educate each Junior Guard on how to safely and effectively respond in an ever changing aquatic environment within the central valley, and stresses the importance of a daily workout and maximizing the enjoyment of recreating within California's State Parks.

Demand is high for the limited number of spaces available so sign up early!

Please review the rules and policies before signing up to ensure an enjoyable summer for all.