California State Parks Announces Proposition 68 Per Capita Allocations


The California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) today announced nearly $200 million available for more than 700 agencies under the Proposition 68 Per Capita Grant Program. This non-competitive grant program provides funding to local government agencies to support the rehabilitation, creation and improvement of local parks and to address deficiencies in neighborhoods lacking access to outdoor recreation facilities. 

In 2018, the State of California invested in the largest grant funding for critically underserved communities with the passage of Proposition 68: California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act. Recognizing the need for underserved communities to have equitable access to outdoor recreation facilities, the bond also provides funds for new parks that will help attract new and diverse visitors.

A full list of allocations under the Per Capita Grant Program is available on DPR’s website at Grant recipients are required to submit project proposals describing how the grant funds will be spent. Funding can be utilized for the construction of pools, trails, playgrounds, etc.  

Sixty percent of the general Per Capita funds are allocated to cities and eligible districts (other than regional park districts, regional park and open-space districts, and regional open-space districts) based on population. Forty percent of the general Per Capita funds are allocated to counties, regional park districts, regional park and open space districts, and regional open space districts based on population. Additionally, Per Capita projects not serving a “severely disadvantaged community” (median household income less than 60 percent of the statewide average) require a 20 percent match. Eligible match sources include in-house employee services and volunteer labor, in addition to federal, local and private funds (state funds are not eligible).

Since 1964, more than 7,400 parks throughout California have been created or improved through grant programs administered by the Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS). The mission of OGALS is to address California’s diverse recreational, cultural and historical resource needs by developing grant programs, administering funds, offering technical assistance, building partnerships and providing leadership through quality customer service. For more information on Proposition 68 programs and other grant programs, visit

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