Interpretation and Education Division Staff


Heather Holm, Chief (acting)

Staff Services Analyst
State Park Interpreter II
Adventure Pass Program Coordinator

Planning and Programs

Heather Holm
Interpretive Planning and
Programs Manager
Anne Cooper State Park Interpreter I

 PORTS (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students)

Brad Krey
PORTS Program Manager
Jenn Langer PORTS Program Coordinator 916-698-7812
Brandon Caskey PORTS Program Coordinator 916-584-6023
Erika Delemarre MPA Outreach and Education Project Coordinator 916-704-5042
Lydia Stinson PORTS Program Coordinator 916-406-4468
Kara Lu K-12 Access Project Coordinator 916-955-3080
Kayla Jones Digital Projects Coordinator 

Boating and Waterways Education and Outreach

Melissa Miranda
Boating Education and Outreach Manager
Sara Kennedy Boating Education and Outreach Coordinator 916-906-2020
Evan Becker California Boater Card Program Analyst 916-327-0184
Dan Bryant California Boater Card Program Office Technician 916-327-1769
Kristi Jones California Boater Card Program Analyst 916-858-9059
Vivian Matuk
Environmental Boating Program Manager

Off Highway Vehicles

Peter Ostroskie
State Park Interpreter III
Noel Lopez State Park Interpreter I 916-902-8495

Relevancy and History 

Blythe Wilson
Relevancy and History Manager
 Names in bold font indicates supervisors.
* indicates frequently works outside of the office