Heather Holm, Chief

State Park Interpreter II
Adventure Pass Program Coordinator

Planning and Programs

Heather Holm
Interpretive Planning and
Programs Manager (Acting)
916-240-1068 Heather.Holm@parks.ca.gov
Anne Cooper State Park Interpreter I   Anne.Cooper@parks.ca.gov
Devin McCutchen  State Park Interpreter II 916-205-0248  Kevin.McCutchen@parks.ca.gov
Elizabeth Hammack Project Coordinator 916-268-1877 elizabeth.hammack@parks.ca.gov

 PORTS (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students)(R)

Brad Krey
PORTS Program Manager
619-228-6785 Brad.Krey@parks.ca.gov
Jenn Langer PORTS Program Coordinator 916-698-7812 Jennifer.Langer@parks.ca.gov
Brandon Caskey PORTS Program Coordinator 916-584-6023 Brandon.Caskey@parks.ca.gov
Lydia Stinson PORTS Program Coordinator 916-406-4468  Lydia.Stinson@parks.ca.gov
Kara Lu K-12 Access Project Coordinator 916-955-3080  Kara.Lu@parks.ca.gov
Kayla Jones Digital Projects Coordinator   Kayla.Jones@parks.ca.gov 

Boating and Waterways Education and Outreach

Melissa Miranda
Boating Education and Outreach Manager
916-327-1823 Melissa.Miranda@parks.ca.gov
Sara Kennedy Boating Education and Outreach Coordinator 916-906-2020 Sara.Kennedy@parks.ca.gov
Evan Becker California Boater Card Program Analyst 916-327-0184 Evan.Becker@parks.ca.gov
Dan Bryant California Boater Card Program Office Technician 916-327-1769 Daniel.Bryant@parks.ca.gov
Vivian Matuk
Environmental Boating Program Manager
415-764-0989 Vivian.Matuk@parks.ca.gov

Off Highway Vehicles Outreach and Education

Heather Holm
OHV Outreach and Education Manager (Acting)
Kevin Schmidt OHV Partnerships Event Coordinator 916-628-3846  Kevin.Schmidt@parks.ca.gov
 VACANT  OHV K-12 Education Coordinator     

Relevancy and History 

Blythe Wilson
Relevancy and History Manager
 916-857-8473 Blythe.Wilson@parks.ca.gov
Alexandria Valle Staff Services Analyst    alexandria.valle@parks.ca.gov
Josh Zafarmand  Engagement & Training Analyst    josh.zafarmande@parks.ca.gov

Watershed Program 

Elizabeth Evans
Watershed Program Manager
916-268-1876 Elizabeth.Evans@parks.ca.gov
 VACANT  State Park Interpreter II    
 VACANT  State Park Interpreter II    
 VACANT  State Park Interpreter II    

Forest & Climate Resiliency

 Erika Delemarre
 Forest & Climate Resiliency Manager
Cryssie Moreno Sea Level Rise Program Coordinator 916-704-1544 cryssie.moreno@parks.ca.gov
 Hannah Sarver  MPA Outreach and Education Program Coordinator    hannah.sarver@parks.ca.gov
 Names in bold font indicates supervisors.
* indicates frequently works outside of the office