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 16 years or older? Become a State Lifeguard

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Are there age requirements for joining the Folsom Lake Junior Lifeguard Program?

Yes, participants should be between the ages of 8 and 16 years old, prior to the start date of the session.


Does the Junior Lifeguard program teach participants how to swim?

No, swimming abilities are a prerequisite to join the program. We do work on participant abilities to swim in open water which is new to most participants. All participants must be able to pass a swim tryout in open water, prior to being eligible for the Junior Lifeguard program. See our 'Tryout Information' page for more details. 


Do past participants need to tryout again?

As long as the participant participated in the previous year of the program, they do not need to tryout again. If the participant had a lapse in participation then they will be required to tryout again. 


Do I have to register before I tryout? 

You do not have to register prior to tryouts.


When does registration open?

Registration typically opens in March each year. 2020 enrollment is on hold until further notice due to COVID-19. Join our 'Email Distribution List' to get updates and information on enrollment. You can join the email distribution list by filling out the survey on our homepage. 


What is the Assistant Program?

Our Assistants are past JG participants who have completed as least 1 prior session of JGs, they are ages 13-16 and are selected through a competitive interview/tryout process. Assistants help lifeguard staff with set-up/take-down of activities, monitor JGs progress and do additional PT workouts prior to the program beginning. Assistants arrive 30 minutes early and stay 30 minutes late each day to meet with instructors. 


Is it okay if my child misses a few days of the program?

In general, that is okay. It is important to understand that some lectures are specific to upcoming events such as a lecture on swift water safety before going on rafting day. Attendance on these days is mandatory due to safety. Contact the coordinator if you think your child will be absent on a specific date. 

Do I have to go camping with my child?

A parent or guardian is partirequired to accompany your child. You may, however, send your child with another family on the trip - this is typical. Our staff are not responsible for watching your child outside of program hours.