Rafting Day

RaftingRafting Day is a regularly scheduled day 

Dates for 2024:

Session 1: June 25th

Session 2: July 30th


Drop Off / Pick Up for Rafting Day will be at American River Raft Rentals

11257 S Bridge St, Gold River, CA 95670

All of your child's belongings should fit in a single gallon sized ziplock bag with their name on it. No exceptions. All JGs must have sunscreen, food, and water. We suggest not bringing a towel as it will just get wet anyways.

All JGs must be in their shorts, rashguard (NO T-SHIRT), and closed toed shoes.

Your child must be in closed toed shoes with a strap on them in order to participate in rafting day. We recommend tennis shoes or water shoes.

We will be on 12 man rafts traveling down the American River. Each raft will be accompanied by a State Parks Lifeguard as well as youth assistants and parent volunteers. Each child will be professionally fitted for a life vest by the American River Raft Rentals. When we get to the San Juan Rapids, we will be escorting the children down the rapids without a raft. This is completely safe as we will have many lifeguards stationed in the segment of rapids ensuring the safety of everyone. Learning how to appropriately navigate rapids without a raft is an important part of our program to equip your child with the necessary knowledge of what they should do should they ever be faced with this situation. We will model the correct positioning and ensure that each participant successfully makes it through the rapids. This task is often one of the most nerve-racking parts of the program but after they are finished they are usually begging to do it again. We never force any child to do this portion of the rafting trip but we do encourage them to watch their friends do it and to consider doing it as it is a very valuable lesson.

All JGs will be bussed back to the starting point after we get off the river so please be aware we could be back anytime between 2-3:00 PM. Pick up location will be the same as the drop off location. Pick up will be at approximately 2:30 PM.

Iron Guard

Iron Guard is a competition between Folsom Lake Junior Lifeguards to test their physical abilities and skills they've acquired through the program. Traditionally, it includes a physical component and skills assessment. 

Participants are ranked by physical event placement and scores on skills assessment to rank them among peers of their age. IronGuard

The physical event is welcome to be spectated by parents as it is a great opportunity to see all that your child has accomplished this session.

We do not allow specators for skills assessments as this is an on-going process for 1-2 days. 

More information on date/time of the Iron Guard will become available in our weekly email updates.