With over 87,000 acres of ridges and canyons and gorgeous views, Coe Park is a wilderness paradise for equestrians.  If you plan to venture more than a few miles into the park, you and your horse should be in excellent physical shape and you should be prepared for steep, rugged terrain.

Horse Camping
There are six designated horse camps in the park. Each has a set of pipe corals that will hold at least two horses.  All of the camps have a spring, pond, lake or creek nearby, but these water sources are unreliable.  All water must be purified for human consumption. 

When camping within the Western Area of the park (the section that extends 5-8 miles from the Coe Ranch Visitor Center) you must camp at a desigated camp. If you purchase the Blue Oak Group Camp you may drive a vehicle and a trailer to the site which has a corral.  Due to the narrow curves on East Dunne Ave. and the difficulty of turning around your rig limit trailers to no longer than 25ft.  Gooseneck trailers are not advised to go out to Blue Oak Group Camp due to the tight turns.  Any trailer of 26ft or more is not advised.

If camping outside the Western Area you may camp wherever you'd like but groups are limited to four horses and must camp at least 100 feet from any pond, creek, spring or lake.

Horse Camp fees are $25 per night which includes 1 vehicle with trailer, 2 people and 2 horses.  Each additional horse is $5 per night. There is an additional $8 per vehicle/per night fee if you park at the Coe Ranch entrance. If you park at the Hunting Hollow entrance it is $6 per car/per night.  State Park passes and State Park Foundation passes can not be used to pay for camping fees (including the vehicle fees.)

If you want to camp at Blue Oak Group camp, the cost is $75 a night and all group campsite rules apply.