WIth a parting fling of cheer, the colored boys of the 925th Co. left en route to San Pablo Dam camp, August 4, 1935. Most of them were new to our company, but were well-liked by all, and when the time came for the parting of the ways, handshaking and kind words of true friendship were in order.

Some of these boys were very interested in educational and athletic activities, while others showed their worth on the recreational platform quite frequently. Fred Montgomery, the spindle-legged rascal, who could shake the floor-boards from under his feet when he got started, is going to be missed for his delightful performances.

Then there is Lloyd McCreary, the ardent pursuer of Dame Education, who finally succumbed to the tongue-twisting Spanish lingo.

The baseball team will miss Bill Wright, shortstop, and Jimmy Bonner, pitcher, who were out for practice regularly.

"Whitey", the piano pouncer of "Grove" fame, leaves a memory of sportsmanship and regard with all who knew him.

Similarly, we'll miss the others, but wish them luck and success in their new location.

(From the CCC Company 925 Burlington Flash camp newspaper, August 1935.)