Many California State Parks have Teacher's Guides available for educators interested in helping their students get more out of their park experience. Unfortunately, most guides are not available on-line, but be sure to inquire with park staff if you will be visiting a park and would like to know if there is a teacher's guide available. As guides become available in electronic format, we will be providing them as links from this portion of the State Parks website as well as from the individual park webpages. For now, you may want to peruse the following:

NEW! The Sierra Railway and the Transformation of California: Grade 4

NEW! The Sierra Railway and Natural Systems: Grade 5

The Conifer Connection: A Resource for Learning and Teaching about Coniferous Forests and Watersheds

A Guide to the Side of the Sea: A Teacher's Guide for Field Trips to Rocky Intertidal Areas

A Teacher's Guide to Sonoma State Historic Park

Allensworth: A Piece of the World, A Teacher's Guide with Student Lessons and Resources

California State Capitol Museum School Packet (Teacher Version)  (Student Version)

Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park and Chaw'se Regional Indian Museum School Tour Information

Redwood Ed: A Guide to the Coast Redwoods for Teachers and Learners

Tijuana Estuary High School Teacher's Guide