Photo courtesy of LandPathsPlanning for a Potential Addition to Sonoma Coast State Park
The Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District (SCAPOSD) purchased the Carrington property in 2003 because of its location, scenic vistas, open space, natural resources, and potential for recreational access and trail connections. The goal is to transfer the property to the state as an addition to Sonoma Coast State Park. When the land is transferred, the SCAPOSD will be granted a conservation easement on the property. The Draft Immediate Public Use Facilities Plan (Draft IPU Plan), now available for review, identifies proposed uses and management of the property, consistent with the protection of resource values and the recently completed Sonoma Coast State Park General Plan (available for download from the link at left).

Public Comment

Public comment is an important part of the planning process. The Draft IPU Plan is being circulated for public review and comment for thirty days, beginning 10/15/2007.

All comments may be submitted via regular mail, fax, or email. Submissions must be in writing, and postmarked, received by fax, or emailed no later than 11/15/2007.

Please submit comments to:

Gary Shannon
California Department of Parks and Recreation
Russian River District
PO Box 123
Duncans Mills, CA 95430

Fax: (707) 865-2046

Copies of the Draft IPU Plan may be reviewed at the following locations during normal business hours, or downloaded from this webpage (links below).

Russian River District Headquarters
California Department of Parks and Recreation
25381 Steelhead Boulevard
Duncans Mills, California 95430

Guerneville Public Library
14107 Armstrong Woods Rd
Guerneville, California 95446

Your views and comments are welcome. District staff members look forward to hearing from you.

Downloadable Plan Files

DRAFT IPU Plan (PDF, 1.9 MB)
APPENDIX A - Soil Types (PDF, 1.1 MB)
APPENDIX B - Drawings (cover only) (PDF, 34 KB)
APPENDIX C - Select Goals and Guidelines (PDF, 38 KB)
APPENDIX D - Site Selection Criteria (PDF, 105 KB)
APPENDIX E - Secretary of Interior's Standards (PDF, 113 KB)
APPENDIX F - Sonoma County Outdoor Recreation Plan (PDF, 1.1 MB)
APPENDIX G - Acronyms (PDF, 66 KB)

Drawing 1- Habitats (PDF, 18.5 MB)
Drawing 2 - Site Analysis-Cultural (PDF, 18.5 MB)
Drawing 3 - Viewshed Mapping (PDF, 18.4 MB)
Drawing 4 - Viewshed Mapping (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Drawing 5 - Viewshed Mapping (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Drawing 6 - Proposed IPU Plan (PDF, 18.5 MB)