Fort Tejon LogoThe Fort Tejon Historical Association promotes educational, historical, and interpretive activities, principally at Fort Tejon State Historic Park, the site of a U.S. Army garrison in the 1850s and 1860s. The association provides financial and other aid to conserve, develop and interpret the fascinating historical resources at Fort Tejon.

The significant programs funded by Fort Tejon Historical Association are the Civil War Program and the Environmental Living Program. Association members also support the Dragoon Program, and the California Civil War Program (2nd California Infantry Regiment) conducted by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Fort Tejon has proven itself to be a valuable ally to the parks, visitors and staff at the Fort Tejon State Historic Park. Join them by becoming a member! For more information about Fort Tejon Historical Association and the association's many activities, or to become a supporter, please visit the Fort Tejon Historical Association website.

Fort Tejon Historical Association
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