District Accessibility Resource Group (DARG)

Seeking Volunteers!

California State Parks is looking for volunteers who want to take an active role in the Department's commitment to make park facilities, programs and activities accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. DARG members are volunteers with an accessibility background who advise District Superintendents on accessibility issues within their local State Parks Districts.

DARG members may be asked to visit parks in their affiliated District, gather information on accessible and inaccessible features, provide a perspective or opinion for local accessibility issues, function as advisory committee members, and other pertinent responsibilities.

Statement of Purpose

The District Accessibility Resource Group will become familiar with the accessibility issues of each unit in the district and advise the District Superintendent on ways to enhance the park experience for all visitors.

DARG member prerequisites:

  • Supportive of the mission of California State Parks
  • A team player capable of providing suggestions and solutions on accessibility issues
  • Willing to commit to a specified term (normally one year)
  • Able to commit to the time necessary to complete duties (16-40 hours per year, depending on the District's needs)
  • Willing and able to carry out typical committee duties and responsibilities

A typical candidate for DARG membership:

  • Might be someone with a disability, though this is not a necessary requirement
  • Has a desire to expand their knowledge about local State Parks
  • Has a commitment to the concept of access for all and a determination to effect whatever change is needed to accomplish it
  • Has experience or knowledge of the barriers a person with disabilities would encounter

 The DARG may advise District Superintendents on:

  • Prioritization of projects, including restoration and rehabilitation
  • Development plans
  • Special events
  • Publications and signage
  • Concessions
  • Interpretive displays and exhibits
  • Historical structures and sites
  • Assistance as needed
  • Training
  • Visitor Information
  • Trails