California State Parks has reviewed dozens, if not hundreds, of online resources that offer materials to help teach students about the science behind climate change. The following sites are culled from this research and, although they represent only a portion of what is "out there" on the Internet in relation to this topic, we hope they provide useful and worthwhile information to teachers and others interested in helping children learn about this important and scentifically complex topic.  These sites were selected because they offer resources, at no charge, that are specifically targeted toward educators.

Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide
National Center for Atmospheric Research

UCAR Center for Science Education (2018)
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Global Systems Science: An Integrated Science Curriculum for High School (2007)
Lawrence Hall of Science

K-12 School Lesson Plans, Curriculum and Materials (2008)

Energy Education (2007)
US Department of Energy

International Polar Foundation