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Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grants provide funding for the acquisition or development of land to create new outdoor recreation opportunities for the health and wellness of Californians.  Since 1965, over one thousand parks throughout California have been created or improved with LWCF assistance.

 Application Process - The next application deadline is  June 1, 2023, before 5:00 p.m.

 Grant Administration 

Post-Completion Stewardship Requirements

Questions regarding the LWCF program may be sent to your OGALS Project Officer.

Additional Program Information:

  • Open Project Selection Process (OPSP) – OGALS announces an upcoming LWCF funding opportunity approximately 6 months prior to a competitive cycle application deadline. Email notifications are sent to over 5,000 individuals representing over 600 public agencies in California through a listserv registry. Application workshops are held to assist applicants in understanding the LWCF Application Guide in conformance with the OPSP. The LWCF Application Guide includes Project Selection Criteria that align with California's SCORP priorities. The Application Guide is subject to change based on LWCF Manuals that are issued (currently using Volume 71, released in March 2021. NPS is currently updating Volume 71 for a release of Volume 72). Once projects are selected, the LWCF Grant Administration Guide is used by the successful grantees.
  • Cost Overruns for Awarded Projects: The federal LWCF Financial Assistance Manual allows for an amendment to the grant amount when project costs increase beyond the original cost estimate. To request and receive an amendment, all of the following must occur:
  1. Grantee explains to OGALS that the project cost has increased and an amendment to the LWCF grant amount is needed.
  2. In rare cases OGALS may consider an amendment to the LWCF grant amount when both a and b are applicable:
    1. California has LWCF funding that could revert within the next twelve months.


    2. There is not a sufficient amount of actionable applications ready for NPS obligation with completed post-selection federal requirements (Section 106 and Environmental Review documents)  to cover the balance of LWCF funding that could revert in the next twelve months. And, the proposed amendment for cost overruns is for the same original project scope that remains consistent with the approved Section 106 and Environmental Review documents that have already been approved by NPS.
  3. If OGALS determines that both a and b above are applicable, OGALS will work with the grantee and NPS to submit a request to amend the grant amount for NPS' consideration. If NPS approves the request, OGALS will issue an amended grant agreement to the grantee.    


LWCF Projects 1964  (Excel) / PDF

Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program (ORLP) 

ORLP is a National competitive grant program under the LWCF program, to create new outdoor recreation opportunities in densely populated urban areas.  For more information on ORLP, please visit Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership (ORLP) Program.