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State Parks Careers

California State Parks offer careers in many disciplines such as park operations, maintenance, resource management, interpretation, as well as, park planning and design. We are proud of our commitment to develop the fullest potential in our employees and provide leadership development to prepare employees for the challenges of the future


Public Safety & Resource Protection

The Department employs over 600 Peace Officers (Rangers and Lifeguards) to ensure public safety and protection of park resources. Rangers and Lifeguards provide not only law enforcement and emergency medical response, they also provide public education, interpretation and program management.


Communications Operator

Communications Operators operate multi-frequency/channel radio systems, law enforcement telecommunications systems (CLETS), computer terminals, and associated equipment to dispatch law enforcement/emergency response units and coordinate services with field personnel and other agencies.

Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources

We are committed to our responsibility to preserve and protect the state's most valued cultural resources, both inside and outside state park boundaries. Cultural resources include buildings and structures, historic landscapes, archaeological sites, artifacts, and documents that collectively represent California's rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

California State Parks is the steward of some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. With this comes the responsibility to monitor, preserve, and when necessary, restore these natural systems.



Administration plays a key role in supporting the department's core program areas, which include: Education/Interpretation, Facilities, Public Safety, Recreation, and Resource Protection.

Park Design and Planning

Park Planning and Design

The Department's mission and legislative charge include a mandate to provide high quality recreational opportunities and experiences for the public. This includes park planning, design, adminstration of grant programs and assistance to local agencies.


Facilities and Park Maintenance

California State Parks is responsible for the care and maintenance of the many facilities and structures under its stewardship. The condition and upkeep of park infrastructure leave a lasting impression on visitors and protect the State's assets for future generations to enjoy.


Education and Interpretation

Education and interpretation are essential to the achievement of the California State Parks mission. Interpretive and educational experiences add intrinsic value to the visitor's experience in our parks by fostering awareness and understanding of our natural and cultural history through programs that help visitors understand the resources around them.