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Seasonal & Part Time


How to Apply
Seasonal and part-time hiring is done at the local district or park unit level. Therefore, if you are interested in such employment, first contact the District or Park Unit office in which you are interested, then complete a Standard State Application (Form STD. 678) and send to the District or Park Unit.

arrow Standard State Application Form (STD 678) INSTRUCTIONS

California State Parks employs numerous seasonal workers in classifications such as Park Aide, Lifeguards, Clerks, Archaeological, Environmental Services and Park Interpretive Aides. Hiring in parks is normally carried out during peak visitor months. Temporary positions are also available at our Sacramento offices and in some district offices throughout the year. 

Seasonal (Non-Testing and Temporary) Job Classification Descriptions:
bullet Park Aide
bullet Senior Park Aide
bullet Maintenance Aide
bullet Senior Maintenance Aide
bullet Lifeguard I (Seasonal)
bullet Lifeguard II (Seasonal)
bullet Grover Hot Springs Lifeguard Position
bullet Seasonal Clerk
bullet Student Assistant/Graduate Student Assistant
bullet Guide Trainee
bullet Archaeological Aide
bullet Environmental Services *
bullet Park Interpretive Specialist *

* 4-yr college degree requirement