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Partnerships Office


The Partnerships Office envisions a thriving system of partnerships in the California State Parks System through mutual cooperation that engages outstanding private, public, and volunteer services to provide recreation benefits for all while protecting and preserving natural and cultural resources consistent with the Department’s mission.

The mission of the Partnerships Office is to support park operations to empower, inspire, and strengthen public and private partners to create, promote, sustain, and expand visitor services to California’s diverse population.


The purpose of the Concessions Program is to seek involvement and assistance from private and public-sector entities, where appropriate, to provide quality services, programs, and facilities that enhance the convenience, enjoyment, education, and recreational experiences of State Park visitors.

Cooperating Associations
Non-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing the Department's services to park visitors.

Individuals, organizations or corporations who contribute to fund park services/units.

Operation & Co-Management of Parks

Pursuant to California Public Resources Code §5080.42 and §5080.30, qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations or government municipalities may enter into agreements with the Department to develop, improve, restore, care, maintain, manage, or operate park units. These agreements include:

Operation agreements: Qualified organizations operate the majority of a park unit with minimal involvement and oversight by Department staff.

Co-management agreements: Qualified organizations operate a portion of a park unit, sharing operational and financial roles and responsibilities for the park unit with the Department. 

Proud Partners
Organizations and/or corporations that partner with the Department to provide funding to support and enhance visitor services.