Becoming a State Park Concessionaire

If you are interested in becoming a California State Park concessionaire, there are two opportunities you can explore:

Submit a proposal for an existing park concession: Concession opportunities generally are made available to the public through a public bid process. A Request for Proposals (formal) or Request for Interest (informal) are the primary tools the Department uses to select the most qualified concessionaire and the best value for the State. To receive notices about the concession opportunities that interest you most, join our mailing list.

Develop your own idea for a concession: New concession opportunities can be developed at a park unit when the concession will provide a valuable public service that the State could not otherwise provide and when the concession will be compatible with the park’s General Plan. If you have an idea for a concession at a state park, contact the park directly and ask to speak with the Concessions Manager or Superintendent. This person can help you understand the goals and objectives of the park and determine if your concession proposal is compatible.

 Concessions Program Innovative Partnerships Presentation

For more information about concessions in state parks, see Questions and Answers about Concessions

See Resources for Proposers for more information about proposing a concession at a state park.