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Policies and Guidelines

Department Operations Manual - Interpretation and Education Chapter (new)
In March 2010,  Interpretation and Education, (Chapter 9) of the Department Operations Manual was officially approved.  This compendium of policies and guidelines provides direction for interpretion and related activities in California State Parks.  The last section of the chapter, Cooperating Associations pages 58-69 details policies that Department employees will follow in relationships with cooperating associations.  The Interpretation and Education chapter of DOM is available (along with other policy and guideline documents) at: Program, Policies and Handbooks.         

Interim Guidelines (new)

513 Implementation Guidelines 9-10-09.pdf
In 2008, SB 1127 amended Public Resources Code 513 to define cooperating association sales activity and expand such activities to include non-interpretive and non-educational sales and services typically provided by concessionaires.  These guidelines have been formally approved will eventually be incorporated into policy and contract language. 

Guidelines and Handbooks

          Cooperating Association Program Manual (457 KB) (1992)

            Intellectual Property Guidelines (2010)    
          Donor And Sponsorship Guidelines (10.07)

            Brand Standards Handbook 01-07.pdf            

            Museum Collections Management (DOM 2000)

          Cash Handling Handbook

        Collections and Operations (Section A)

        Accountability and Reconcilation (Section B)

        Security and Audits (Section C)

You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the document.  You can download a free copy of the program at if it is not installed on your computer.

Department notices (DN), and forms:

  Complimentary Passes    
       DN97-42, Complimentary Passes.DOC
       DPR employees may order passes via an
       Accountable Documents Requisition form DPR145.xls

  Special Events       
       DN90-05, Special Event Permit.DOC
       Forms: Special Events Permit DPR246.xls and DPR246a.xls