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Museum Curators

Cultural Resources Division Office:

Paulette Hennum, Museum Curator III

Ross McGuire, Museum Curator III

Ann Fry, Museum Curator II

Laura Benites, Museum Curator II

Linda Walton, Museum Curator I

Jena Peterson, Museum Curator I

Northern Service Center:

Sariah Groff, Museum Curator I

Interpretation and Education Division:

Wil Jorae
, Museum Curator II, Photographic Archives

District Curators

Angeles District

Rochelle Nicholas-Booth, Museum Curator II, Will Rogers State Historic Park

Capital District

Paul Hammond, Museum Director, California State Railroad Museum

Kendra Dillard, Museum Curator II, Old Sacramento Sector

Adella Valdez, Museum Curator II, California Museum and Mansion Sector
Nancy Jenner, Museum Curator I, History Sector

Lisa DeLacy, Museum Curator I, Railtown 1897 State Historic Park

Kathyrn Santos,  Archivist I, California State Railroad Museum

Cara Randall, Librarian, California State Railroad Museum

Central Valley District

Darci Moore, Museum Curator II, District Curator 

Diablo Vista District

Carol Dodge, Museum Curator I 

Monterey District

Kris Quist, Museum Curator II

San Luis Obispo District

Mary Levkoff, Museum Director

Frank Young, Museum Curator II, Hearst San Simeon

Sierra District

Natalie Davenport, Museum Curator II

Techachapi District

Peggy Ronning, Museum Curator I, Antelope Valley Indian Museum