What is new at California State Parks

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State Parks Launches Mobile App, Making It Easier to Connect Visitors to Nation’s Largest State Park System

State Parks Releases Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy

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Significant Incidents Updates

Significant Incidents Updates

California State Parks works closely with the state’s network of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure our parks and their surrounding communities are safe.

Our State Parks Peace Officers respond to all types of emergencies. Information on significant incidents such as, but not limited to wildfires, earthquakes, floods and Public Safety Power Shutoffs, will be posted on this website.

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State Parks Addresses Discriminatory Names and Inequities

Secretary for Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot, State Parks Director Armando Quintero and Department of Transportation Director Toks Omishakin announced a series of actions to identify and redress discriminatory names of features attached to the state parks and transportation systems.

The move comes in the wake of a national conversation about the names of geographic features and builds upon Governor Gavin Newsom’s work to support equity, inclusion and accountability throughout the state to better reflect our values. To learn more, visit www.parks.ca.gov/ReexaminingOurPast.

Dogs at California State Parks

Dogs at California State Parks

Oceano Dunes SVRA Safety Campaign

Safe Dunes Start With You

Google Street View Treks!

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Redwoods Rising

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Organizational Structure Opportunities

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California State Parks Launched
A New Park Reservation System