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California State Parks Encourages All to Celebrate Earth Day

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— Celebrate Earth Day this month with California State Parks at any of the 280 unique park units across the state. State Parks has numerous Earth Day-themed events planned. They include in-person activities such as guided walks and hikes, workdays, and a bioblitz, as well as virtual programming with a live dive broadcast exploring the hidden world of the ocean.

California State Parks Anticipates Impressive Spring Wildflower Blooms in Desert State Parks

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – This spring, California’s desert state parks could potentially be adorned with a sea of rainbow colors as the wildflower season is expected to be an impressive one, and California State Parks is asking all visitors to enjoy them responsibly.

California State Parks Launches Virtual Adventurer Mobile App, an Interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality Journey

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— California State Parks today launched Virtual Adventurer, a new mobile app that will transform how park visitors connect to and interact with the iconic places, deep history and diverse cultural and natural landscapes of California. This augmented reality app transports visitors through time, and its virtual reality experiences offer exciting ways for users to explore new perspectives shared by people who continue to call California home.

2023 Spring Season May Bring Spectacular Wildflower Blooms—and Crowds—to State Parks

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With spectacular wildflower blooms expected this spring that may attract thousands of people into the outdoors, California State Parks is providing visitors with tips on how to explore the blooms safely and responsibly. In the interest of safety and conservation, visitors are asked to understand the area they plan on visiting, check the weather, respect the landscapes and know their body limitations. Following these simple tips can positively increase the experience for all wildflower bloom enthusiasts.

California State Parks Invites Public to Virtually Commemorate the Contributions of César Chávez to Borrego Springs

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— California State Parks invites the public to virtually commemorate the contributions of prominent civil rights, union and farm labor leader César Chávez made at Borrego Springs (San Diego County) in 1966. In partnership with Borrego Springs High School students, State Parks will be unveiling four interpretive bilingual panels at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park® that will display how César Chávez supported local farm workers who wanted the National Farm Workers Association as their union. The ceremony will be hosted on the Facebook pages of State Parks and Anza-Borrego Desert SP from 10 to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 31.

California State Parks, Anza-Borrego Foundation Launch New Leave No Trace Initiative for Upcoming Desert Season

Borrego Springs, Calif.—Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (Anza-Borrego) and the Anza-Borrego Foundation (ABF) are excited to announce a new partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics for the upcoming 2020/2021 desert season. This new partnership and the Leave No Trace Initiative will encourage and educate new and returning visitors to Anza-Borrego to care for the local desert and public lands through the “Seven Principles of Leave No Trace”, available in English and Spanish. The initiative also reminds the public on their role to slow the spread of COVID-19. With many activities limited during the pandemic, outdoor public spaces have been essential to many Californians. As a result, California State Parks and partners are expecting high visitation and increased use with the beginning of the desert season this month through March/April of next year.

California State Parks May Experience a Moderate Wildflower Bloom This Spring Season

California State Parks announced today that its desert state parks may experience a moderate wildflower bloom this spring season depending on the continued weather conditions. The unique combination of sun, rain, temperature and wind define the stage for the springtime arrival of wildflowers.

Start the New Year in the Outdoors With a First Day Hike - California State Parks Hosting Approximately 50 Hikes Statewide

Looking to burn off some holiday calories and start the new year on the right foot? California State Parks invites the public to absorb the wonders of nature with a First Day Hike on New Year’s Day. Dedicated docents, volunteers and staff will be providing about 50 hikes at state parks throughout California.