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Special Guest Speaker - Zane Moore

Special Guest, Zane Moore - Redwood Researcher

Friday, August 25 at 7pm
Zane Moore, a redwood researcher, is speaking about Big Basin’s tallest tree in the world south of San Francisco, and then discuss the extremely rare albino redwoods, considered by some to be the redwood's biggest mystery.

Guided Walk - Measuring Tall Trees 
Saturday August 26, at 12:30pm
How do you measure the tallest trees in the world? Join Zane Moore, a redwood researcher, to learn about measuring these tall, tall trees. Zane will show you how scientists determine the height, size and ages of these trees. We’ll look at the history and future directions of tree measurement from cameras to lasers to drones. This 1-mile, 90-minute walk will take us to where technology and trees meet.

Events are free; parking is $10. Event made possible by Mountain Parks Foundation and California State Parks.

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