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Meetup Coe Geology Walk

2.5-mileguided Geology walk, Henry W. Coe State Park - Coe Ranch Entrance Visitor Center



Come join us on a guided geologic and geographic tour of theancient sea floor that is now the area around the Coe Visitor Center. We willwalk a 2.5-mile loop where we'll see sandstone and chert -- marine sedimentaryrocks that started out as continental material (sandstone), or as tiny planktonfar out in an equatorial sea (chert), and have been pushed around and up due toplate tectonics to form the dramatic topography of Coe. Our route will alsoafford sweeping views of the Santa Clara Valley, Monterey Bay, the volcanicpeaks to the south, the Central Valley, and even some Sierran peaks, dependingon the day's visibility. Terrain: moderate ups and downs, with a short, steepdownhill section at the end.

What to bring: Hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, water, snacks, and optionalhiking poles. Heavy rain cancels. Please check for any messages the eveningbefore the walk.

Cautions: The Meetup hikeleaders and guides are volunteers willing to share their experiences in asocial hiking environment. Hiking risks include ticks, poison oak, and uneventrail surfaces. Each participant is responsible for evaluating their own hikingskills and stamina to determine if this hike is suitable for them toparticipate.

Allow 30 minutes to get to Coe Park from the Hwy 101 turnoff onto East DunneAvenue in Morgan Hill. The road up to Coe is narrow and scenic. Take your timeand enjoy. Parking is $8.00 ($7.00 senior). Bring cash in case the visitorcenter is closed. The following State Park passes are also accepted: GoldenBear, Poppy Pass, and Explorer. Please carpool and arrive early! If thegroup camps fill up, we WILL run out of parking. There is minimalparking availability outside the park. Allow extra time to walk the 1/2 milefrom the remote lot (the first lot you see when you reach the park entrance).

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Henry W. Coe SP

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