Pacheco SP - Stars & State Parks BannerCome join California State Parks for a night under the stars while learning about astronomy! This summertime event will meet in the parking lot at Pacheco State Park after sunset.*  A telescope will be available for viewing, but participants are encouraged to bring their own star-viewing equipment, such as binoculars, digital cameras, and tripods. Flashlights (red preferred), water, and snacks are recommended. Due to its location at the top of Pacheco Pass, participants are strongly encouraged to bring warm clothing (more is always better!). The $10 vehicle entrance fee (cash only) will apply.

July 5th - 9pm

July 26th - 9pm

August 9th - 8:30pm

August 30th - 8:30pm

If you plan on attending this special event at Pacheco State Park, please arrive as close to the start time as you can.* Parking will be available on the right (north) side of Whiskey Flat Road, viewing will take place on the south side of Whiskey Flat Road between the picnic tables and Spikes Peak Trail entrance. After parking, please turn off your vehicle lights and be mindful of others, as headlights and personal flashlights can interfere with others' viewing experience and night vision. Red lights will direct visitors from the parking lot to the viewing area.  

*The start time for this event will vary, as the sunset time changes over the season.

Did you know?
It takes between 30-60 minutes for our eyes to adapt to the dark. Exposure to white light (such as headlights and most flashlights) essentially resets this timer, while red light does not. Allowing your eyes the maximum amount of time to adjust to the darkness will significantly improve the ability to view faint objects with the naked-eye.

Event Location 

38787 Dinosaur Point Road 

Hollister, CA 95023