• There are six YETI Charging Stations in each classroom
  • They are meant to be used when devices are low on battery; they will not supply full power all day to more than one laptop/two phones.
  • Please DO NOT unplug their master charging cable from the wall at any point during your use of the rooms or use the surge protector they are plugged in to for anything else
  • Please make sure all six in each room are plugged in each evening when finished with the classroom; they require all night to charge
  • To use:
    • Remove input power plug from the individual YETI, by pulling the plug out of the back of the YETI
      YETI back
    • Move YETI to desired location
    • Plug in your device(s)
    • Press the button with the device type on it to start charging (e.g. USB, AC, etc.) – the button will have a white light when activated
      AC button
    • Upon completion of the charge/day's activities
      • Return YETI to the charging platform
      • Plug the input power cord in to the back of the YETI
      • Make sure to press the button(s) for the device type(s) to turn off if it is/they are still white