Resources for Speakers

Thank you for agreeing to present at California Trails and Greenways 2021!  It is presenters like you that make the conference possible.  

Given the new format of this year's conference, we wanted to provide you with some more information on how to make this year's conference successful. If you have any other questions, please contact Callie Hurd at 916-584-3194 or


March 12

For speakers:
•  Headshots for each speaker (750 x 750). The photo is an important part of putting faces to names in a virtual environment, so we appreciate everyone’s willingness to participate.
•  Email, title, and professional affiliation of all speakers

For sessions:
•  Final session title, description, and list of speakers

March 22
•  Pre-recorded session. If you did not receive a DropBox link, please contact Callie Hurd.
•  Information for CEUs 

Mandatory Tutorials*

NEW TUTORIALS HAVE BEEN ADDED!  Please sign up for one of the following tutorials regarding the live Q & A portion of your presentation and notify Callie Hurd ASAP. Space is limited, so the earlier you sign up, the better the chance that your preferred time slot is available.
•  Monday, April 5, 9:00am FULL
•  Tuesday, April 6, 12:30pm FULL
•  Thursday, April 8, 8:30 am 
•  Thursday, April 8, 2:00pm
•  Friday, April 9, 8:30am
•  Friday, April 9, 10:00 am 

*For presenters with a LIVE Q & A session only.

Other Tips

• Most sessions should include a 45-minute pre-recorded session that will be followed by a separate, live Q & A for 30 minutes.  A handful of sessions (1:15 pm timeslot on Thursday and Friday) will be one-hour sessions with no live Q & A.  Presenters that do not have a live Q & A should attend the airing of the pre-recorded session to answer questions via the text chat function.
Registration - We are very happy to let you know that this year all presenters will have free registration for the entire event!  Once your information is uploaded into the virtual platform, you will receive an email confirmation with a unique URL that will be valid for the entire conference.  
•  Try to make the session seem live by thanking attendees for joining and inviting people to ask questions in the chat box.
•  Speak directly into the camera and treat it like your audience.
•  Thank previous speakers in your session and repeat what they have said to help create continuity between speakers.