Job Duties and Minimum Requirements

State Park Peace Officer (Ranger) Series
- This series includes the Cadet, Ranger, and Supervisor levels

The State Park Peace Officer (Ranger) series describes professional positions involved in the law enforcement and visitor services functions of the State park system. These classifications have full peace officer powers pursuant to Penal Code Section 830.2, and perform the full range of peace officer duties and responsibilities in accomplishing their assignments.

Peace officer duties include, but are not limited to: patrol (vehicle, boat, foot, etc.), issuing citations, writing reports, making physical arrests, conducting investigations, taking command in emergencies, performing search and rescue activities, and providing emergency medical aid. Performing these duties requires the use of protective equipment (e.g. firearms, electronic control weapons, batons, chemical agents, and handcuffs), and regular training and testing in physical defensive tactics and firearms use. Other important aspects of ranger duties include visitor services, natural and cultural resource protection, administration, and interpretation and education.

Opportunities for specialized assignments (e.g. cliff rescue, SCUBA diving, off-road vehicle and motorcycle patrol, canine handler, etc.) are also available.

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State Park Peace Officer (Lifeguard) Series
- This series includes the Cadet, Lifeguard, and Supervisor I-III levels

State Park Lifeguards are open-water lifesaving professionals and trained peace officers with statewide authority. They help operate and manage state park units including coastal beaches, inland lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.

Public Safety Aquatic Rescues Medical Aid Operating and Maintaining Emergency Equipment Law Enforcement Services Specialty Assignments such as SCUBA Diving & Swiftwater Rescue
Visitor Assistance Advising visitors of rules and regulations & providing general park information through superior customer service
Public Education and Interpretation Community Outreach Interpretive Programs, Junior Lifeguard Program and more!
Park Resource Protection and Management

Aquatic Safety in California State Parks 
Lifeguard I (Seasonal) 
Lifeguard II (Seasonal
Junior Lifeguard Program 

History of Lifeguards in California 

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State Park Superintendent Series
- This series includes levels I-V

State Park Superintendents are professional positions within the State Park System responsible for the protection and management of natural and cultural resources, public safety and law enforcement functions, visitor services, interpretation programs, real property management, and facilities maintenance. State Park Superintendents work throughout the State primarily within districts of the State Park System which include State parks, reserves, historical units, recreation areas, beaches, wayside campgrounds, and underwater parks. Positions in the series may also be assigned to Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Units or to headquarters functions.

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