JG Uniforms

Uniform Requirements

Rashguards: Our rashguards are made of high quality material that we highly advise wearing them at all times for sun protection and identification purposes. Not only do they protect from excessive sun damage from UV exposure at elevation, yet they also make the Junior Lifeguards HIGHLY VISIBLE while they are out in the water and on the beach with us. They are screen printed with our North Lake Tahoe Jr. Lifeguard specific logos and are great for any aquatic environment (1 rashguard will be provided to each participant upon paid registration).

Sweatshirts These items are an optional purchase although they are highly recommended. The weather for North Lake Tahoe can be very erratic and participants are required to be in uniform at all times. If the participants would like to wear any kind of jacket or sweatpants, they must be uniform specific items. Sweatshirts will be available for purchase at registration.

*All uniforms may be purchased while registering your child. Please contact the program Coordinator for purchases made after registration has been completed or any other uniform questions.*

Navy blue boardshorts: Solid navy blue boardshorts must be worn by each participant (these items are not sold online upon registration). Amazon or Original Watermen are 2 good websites to begin looking for shorts if your local sporting good store doesn't have them in stock.

Navy blue swimsuits: A solid navy blue one piece (for girls) and navy blue speedo or jammers (for boys) must be worn at all times under uniform shorts. Jolyn brand has navy blue one pieces for ladies and they can be purchased online as well (Nike, Speedo or TYR are some other brands for both boys and girls suits).

Additional Uniform Information



  • Rashguards: Included with paid registration
  • Sweatshirt: $20 - 25
  • Single Patch for shorts: $6 per patch

Uniform prices subjected to change