JG Program Information

A Day in the Life of a North Tahoe Junior Lifeguard!

A typical day starts with stretches and an assessment of the current lake conditions, which prepares them for the day's events. These events can include run-swim-runs, buoy swims, kayaking, paddle boarding, and practicing state park lifeguard rescue skills. They will then be introduced to a variety of lesson topics and skills practice with different guest lectures such as the surrounding law enforcement agencies, fire and rescue teams and local wildlife technicians and biologists.  These events are designed to educate each Junior Guard on how to safely and effectively respond in the ever changing aquatic environment of the North Lake Tahoe area as well as broaden their horizons to the careers in the outdoors. Overall, the program stresses the importance of implementing safety in the aquatic environment not only for themselves but also for others while enjoying everything that California State Parks has to offer.

*See the daily itinerary below.*

*9:00am*          DROP-OFF AT KINGS BEACH SP

9:00-9:30          Roll Call, Stretching, Core Work

9:30-10:45        Daily workout

10:45-11:00      Snack Time, Dry Off and Prepare for Lesson

11:00-12:00      Daily Lesson Plan with Hands on Learning

12:00-12:45      Lunch Time

12:45-1:30        Circuit Training or Beach Competitions

1:30-2:00          Review and Reward Testing of Daily Lesson

2:00-2:30          Free Play with all equipment

2:30-3:00          Beach Clean-up & Parent Pick-up

*3:00PM*          PICK-UP AT KINGS BEACH


Lesson topics include beach and lake safety, first aid and CPR, the conservation of the environment and proper use of lifeguard equipment and emergency procedures. See our assigned daily curriculum on our program calendars that are posted on our CALENDARS tab on the upper right hand side of this page. 

In the afternoon, there will be another small workout in the form of a competition, activity or exploration of North Lake Tahoe. Once all activities have been completed for the day, the Junior Guards are given some time to use the equipment during "Free Time" where they may play in the swim area as they wish. All of this is provided by the State Parks of California and kept in the North Tahoe Junior Guard arena under close supervision by the Lifeguards.

At the end of the day JG’s will pack up their stuff and preform a beach clean-up as needed. A quick review of the day’s lesson topic will be performed to finish off a typical Junior Guard day. Students will be released at 3:00 pm sharp for parent pick up.