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Subjects to Study - For-Hire Vessel Operator Examinations

The following subjects are suggested for study in preparation for the written examination. Items #1 through #6 furnished by the Division.

The California Boating Law excerpts.
California Boating Safety Course.
ABCs of the California Boating Law.
Basic Facts about Life Preservers.
Basic Facts about Marine Fire Extinguishers.
Boating Safety Card.
Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling by Charles F. Chapman (local bookstore or library).
Red Cross First Aid and Water Safety (American Red Cross).

The subjects covered on the examination include the following:

State Laws and Regulations:
Accident Reporting
For-Hire License
Navigation Rules
Vessel Operation/Equipment
Vessel Registration
Waterway Marking System
Fire Prevention
Safe Boat Operation
Vessel Maintenance
First Aid