Educational Tours

School tours

Explore early San Diego with your class. Students will be taken back in time to 1821 through 1872 and will learn about the transformation of San Diego from a Native American village, through Spanish and Mexican sovereignty, until it became an American city with cultural influences from local Native Americans, Spaniards, Mexicans, and Americans. Students can observe living history stations and possibly participate in the demonstrations. By engaging in these living history stations, students will become aware of the historic and cultural environmentand develop a better understanding of our shared history.

For more information or questions about educational tours, please email

For teachers that would like to conduct their own personalized program, we allow self-guided programs in the park without needing to reserve or pre-schedule a time with the park. We encourage you to utilize our Digital Education Programming webpage, our Land of First People Digital Tour or incorporate the scavenger hunt into your visit.

Museums and Living History activities vary each day, but typically, certain staffed museums are regularly open on Thursdays-Sundays, including La Casa de Estudillo, Seeley Stables Museum, the Donkey Corral, the Blacksmith Shop, and the Robinson Rose Visitor Center. 

In addition, our unstaffed museums are open daily, which include La Casa de Machado y Silvas, La Casa de Machado y Stewart, and the San Diego Union Building.

Iipay ~ Tipay Kumeyaay Mut Niihepok (Land of the First People) outdoor exhibit area is open daily.

All information regarding our open hours will be updated regularly on the front page of our park website.