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Trails with Grace: A Path to Preservation & Sustainability
Trails are an essential part of natural and cultural habitats. We have deer trails, migration routes, and a host of pathways around the globe that have been used by countless creatures for millions of years. How can we humans sustainably design a graceful interface between our own trails and the surrounding habitat, or make existing trails more sustainable? How do we educate and foster veteran and novice trail users on safe and respectful access by all modes? How can we encourage a synthesis utilizing trails to interface with our neighborhoods, services and nature areas? And how can we promote a greater sense of value and stewardship for trails within all communities? Join us as we explore traditional and emerging answers to these questions, and help promote Trails with Grace.

The 28th California Trails & Greenways Conference was held May 8-10, 2013 at the Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge, located on the west shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe.
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The California Trails & Greenways Conference provides trail professionals, advocates, volunteers and users with a venue for sharing practical, up-to-date trail management and advocacy skills; as well as a forum for networking and building support for accessible, inter-connected, sustainable non-motorized trail systems. For 28 years, this investment of knowledge by California State Parks and the California Trails Conference Foundation has helped ensure trail stewardship and leadership for generations to come.

The conference is highly productive: 95% of 2011 participants' reasons for attending the Conference were satisfied. These attendees were public agencies 51%, representatives of trail advocacy organization 38% and trails related businesses 9%. That's proof that, even in really tough budget years, agencies and not-for-profit organizations find this training invaluable!

Concurrent sessions
offering valuable lessons in effective trail program management that stretches public dollars further. Learn about successful strategies and funding mechanisms that can help your trails prosper. The 2013 Program Schedule and Fees are listed below.
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Session Presentations

A Trail Community for All
Building Constituencies-A Regional persepctive - Plenary
CA Trails and Greenways Zen and the Art of Visitor Census
California Trail Funding Update - Plenary
California's Trail Funding Landscape
Coming Together to Develop a Sustainable Road and Trail System
Communicating Trails Digitally - The Devil's in the Details
County of Los Angeles Trails - The Multiple Approaches to Multi-use Trails
Creating and Managing a Volunteer Trail Patrol
Creating Sustainble Futures
Creating, Enjoying and Maintaining Trails - What's Data Got To Do With it
Design & Management Strategies for Multi-Use Trails Panel
Designing for Sustainable Wildlife Viewing
Designing Trails Along Waterways
Enhancing Trails Compatibility with Nature
Faces of Field School - Plenary
Geotourism - Tomorrow's Travelers Today
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy - Plenary
Golden Gate National Recreation Area - Plenary
Integrated Partnership and Sustainablilty - Plenary

Lake Tahoe Toolbox for Biking, Walking and Mountain Biking
Lessons Learned in Fire Recovery and Restoration
LiDAR and GIS for Trail Design
Multi-Use Trail Management
Pacoima Wash - Linking Urban Communities to the Mountains
Practical CEQA for Trails Projects
Reducuing Impacts on Wetlands and Natural Resources
Regional-Multi-Jurisdictional Trail Planning, Partnerships & Implementation
Showcasing Trails through Photography
Successful Outreach
Sustainable Lands and Trails in a Changing Climate
The Presidio Transformed - Revitilizing Urban Watersheds
Thinking about Trails and Habitat in an Era of Climate Change - Plenary
Thinking about Trails and Habitat in an Era of Climate Change - Addendum - Plenary
Tools and Technology for Accesible Trails
Trails in Motion
Transit & Trails - A Technology Platform
Using Technology to Promote Trail Use and Grow RTC's Membership and Advocacy Programs
Water Trail Benefits and Challenges
Zen and the Art of the Visitor Census