Park Fees

Current Park Fee Schedule


  • Day Use Fees:
  • Coe Ranch Entrance $8.00
    Dowdy Ranch Entrance $8.00
    Hunting Hollow Entrance $6.00
    Senior Rate is $1.00 less Day Use Fee
  • Camping Fees:
    Drive in campsite $20.00 per night.
         Includes 1 vehicle per night.
         Senior Rate is $2.00 less per night.
         Additional Vehicle Fee $8.00 per night
  • Manzanita Pt. Group Camp $75.00 per night.
         Includes up to 2 equipment vehicles.
         Up to 5 vehicles total will be included in the camping fee. 
         Additional Group Vehicles will be charged $8 per night.
  • Hike/Bike (backpack) Camp $5.00 per person per night.
          Hike/Bike (backpack) Vehicle Fee $8.00 per night at
          Coe Ranch and Dowdy Entrances.
          $6.00 per night at Hunting Hollow Entrance.
  • Horse Camp $25.00 per night
         Includes 1 vehicle and 2 horses.
         Horse Camp additional vehicle $8.00 per night.
         Additional Horse Fee $5.00 per night.